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The Fundamental Lemma
David Ben-Zvi

The University of Texas at Austin

February 1st, 2010 RLM 6.104

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The Fundamental Lemma, abstract:
I will give a gentle overview of the ideas surrounding the Fundamental Lemma and its
solution by Ngo Bao-Chau (recently ranked number 7 in Time Magazine's Top 10 Scientific Discoveries
of 2009). The Fundamental Lemma is a key ingredient in the Arthur-Selberg Trace Formula and the entire
Langlands program, with  deep implications for number theory. Its conjectural status (to quote Langlands)
"rendered progress almost impossible for nearly twenty years".
Ngo's solution is a stunning application of the analogy between Riemann surfaces and number fields:
it revolves around Hitchin's integrable system, a construction in the geometry of bundles on surfaces motivated by physics.
The talk will be aimed at a broad graduate audience.)


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